Tagify.io – Build a Better Instagram Audience

Tagify.io – Build a Better Instagram Audience

Introducing my latest project – Tagify.io, a better way to build your audience on Instagram by finding related, trending hashtags for your photos.

I’ve always enjoyed taking photos and finding an outlet to show them off to my mom, I think the natural progression was something of –

  1. Flickr
  2. My own website gallery
  3. Back to Flickr when I realized how much work it was keeping my own site updated (hello lazy photographer friends!)
  4. To Facebook!
  5. My own site again, this time with only my most awesome photos (http://ianjohnson.net)
  6. Instagram! And where this story really starts

After a while of posting on Instagram I started to wonder how I could build a bigger audience for the photos I post (because who shouldn’t see my Instacellphonephotos of kittens) and found all the usual tools –

All ranging from interesting to (rather) useless – none still provided me a simple way of finding real-time (who wants manually curated tags? These are the days of big data), related and not overly-saturated (#love anyone?) tags.

So I do what I do – I built it.


Tagify.io - Searched for #pnw on Instagram, notice how #vsco's not included as it's become overly saturated

Tagify.io – Searched for #pnw on Instagram, notice how #vsco’s not included as it’s become overly saturated

Input a single hashtag and Tagify’ll pull the last hundred photos from Instagram with that tag and internally graph its related tags and their overall Instagram popularity and spit out a nice copy-pasteable set of hashtags for you.

Search – Ex. http://tagify.io/#!/search/4e6406940ea26d3f69d0d810f3d48436

#pnw (pacific northwest for any of you outside our happy bubble)


Searched 110 photos and graphed 880 tags for #pnw in 01:25

Recommended: 20 tags

#upperleftusa #seattle #northwestisbest #pacificnorthwest #washington #oregon #vscogood #neverstopexploring #bestofvsco #livefolk #liveauthentic #rei1440project #adventure #explore #northwest #justgoshoot #igers_seattle #wa #vscogrid #hike

Give it a shot – http://tagify.io/#!/tag/worldcup.

Related, trending tags (sorted by relatedness) for you to build your audience with.

Tag on, fellow Igers – and if you want to check out these amazing photos I keep talking about, feel free to checkout @eeeeeeen.


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